What Happens During A Septic Tank Pump

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What Happens During A Septic Tank Pump

14 June 2023
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Are you new to owning a septic tank and the time has come to have it pumped to remove the solid waste? If so, you'll definitely want to know more about the process so that you have proper expectations for what happens. 


The process starts by locating your septic tank. This is typically done with some common sense and some probes that will go into the grass to find the tank underneath. A septic tank pumping company knows approximately where the septic tank could be because it will follow a straight path from the sewer line coming out from your home. It's just a matter of finding the tank's location with a probe, outlining the tank with markers, and then digging up the center side of the tank that is facing your home to reach the opening.


The septic tank pumping company will come out to your home with a huge truck that has a large tank on it to collect the solid waste. It uses a vacuum to remove all of the scum sludge, and solids from within the tank. It's a job you certainly don't want to do on your own, mainly because of all the special equipment needed that makes the job so easy for a professional. A high-pressure hose is used to dislodge anything within the tank that may be stuck to the bottom or walls of the tank.


An inspection will be done to verify if the septic tank is working properly. You'll find out if there is any wear and tear on the tank that could impact how the system performs in the future, or if there are indications that there is existing damage or a leak. If a problem is found, you'll be told what the problem is and they will give you an estimate for how much a repair will be.

Know that an inspection is not provided as an unnecessary upsell. Potential problems with a lack of maintenance can cause issues with the tank itself or the drainfield, which will be a costly repair. 


The cover will be placed back on your septic tank, and the opening will be buried as well. If grass needed to be removed to reach the opening, the septic tank pumping company will have carefully removed that top layer of grass so that it can be placed back on top. The roots of the grass will eventually latch onto the soil beneath it so that the grass is no longer loose.

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