2 Myths You May Believe About Pumping Your Home's Septic Tank

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2 Myths You May Believe About Pumping Your Home's Septic Tank

10 May 2023
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If you have recently moved into a home that uses a septic tank instead of the local sewage system, you may still be learning about how to use it. You may know that there are certain things that you cannot put into the system, for example, such as putting flushable wipes in the toilet and pouring grease into the garbage disposal.

When it comes to having the tank cleaned, however, you may have received false information that has led you to have certain misconceptions. Below is the truth behind a couple of myths you may believe about having your home's septic tank pumped.

1. Using Any Type of Additive Can Help Delay or Eliminate the Need to Have Your Septic Tank Pumped

One myth you may have heard and believed about your septic system is that using any type of additive can delay or eliminate the need to have it pumped out by a professional. A combination of enzymes, beneficial bacteria, and yeast, these additives can help break down some of the solid waste in the tank.

However, the amount of breakdown that occurs with the additives does not keep the tank from filling up. You still need to have the septic tank cleaned by a pumping service at regular intervals that they recommend based on your tank's size and household usage.

2. Pumping Even Small Amounts out of the Tank Regularly by Yourself Removes the Need for a Professional

Another myth you may have heard is that you can pump out small amounts yourself. You may believe that if you do this on a regular basis, you can remove the need of having the tank cleaned by a professional.

Not only is pumping your own septic tank illegal in many areas, but it also is not advisable because you can hurt yourself and the environment surrounding the tank. Without special equipment and the knowledge to use it that a professional has, you can end up spilling sewage all over the ground and on yourself.

While an additive can help break down the solid waste material in the tank, using it is not a replacement for having it cleaned. You should also forget any ideas you may have about pumping the septic tank yourself, even if you only plan on removing small amounts, as it can be dangerous to you and the surrounding environment. When it comes time for your system's routine cleaning or you suspect that the tank is full, contact a septic pumping service in your area to speak with someone to schedule an appointment.

For more information on septic pumping, contact a professional near you.