Routine Septic Tank Repairs Your System Might Need

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Routine Septic Tank Repairs Your System Might Need

28 February 2023
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Septic tanks are essential for proper wastewater management, but they can experience a wide range of issues that can cause damage to them. Damage to the septic tank can cripple your plumbing system and be challenging to repair.

Cracks In The Tank's Walls

Wall fractures are among the most frequent problems that septic tanks may suffer. Since they can let polluted water seep into the yard, cracks in your septic tank's walls can harm your property. If this happens, it can cause serious health hazards and environmental pollution. Natural wear and tear, soil movement, and excessive weight are only a few causes of cracks.

Ensuring that your septic tank is installed correctly is crucial to prevent cracks from developing. Also, it is critical to frequently check the tank for cracks and get them fixed as soon as they are discovered.

Damaged Connections

Another issue that can cause problems for the septic tank is damaged connections. The connections that bring water into or out of the tank can develop problems that make them leak. This issue can cause the septic tank to overflow or leak, leading to environmental damage and health hazards. While many potential causes of these issues exist, the septic tank settling deeper into the soil can contribute to these problems. As the tank sinks into the ground, it can strain these connections until they fail.

Soil Erosion Exposing The Septic Tank

Soil erosion that exposes the septic tank is an issue that is easy to overlook but can damage the tank. When the soil around the tank erodes, it can expose the tank to the elements. In particular, it may expose it to freezing temperatures, which can cause it to freeze. The soil above the septic tank is insulation for the system. This will keep the water temperature in the septic tank relatively stable. If the tank freezes, it can lead to costly repairs due to the water expanding and rupturing components. Installing drainage systems and grass or other plants near the septic tank can minimize the risk of the soil eroding.

Septic tank damage can cause severe issues for your plumbing system and lead to environmental and health hazards. Knowing the issues that your septic tank is the most likely to encounter may help you recognize these problems and respond to them. In addition to keeping the plumbing working, this early detection of these problems can reduce landscaping damage and repair costs for the septic tank.

To have your tank inspected, contact a septic service in your area.