Problems That Your Septic Tank May Encounter Over The Years

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Problems That Your Septic Tank May Encounter Over The Years

3 October 2022
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Any significant problems with your septic system could lead to major disruptions and damage to the home. Unfortunately, a septic tank system can suffer from a wide range of significant problems that will have to be repaired. 

Clogs In The Septic Tank Or The Plumbing Lines That It Uses

Clogs can be some of the most common problems that will impact a septic system. While this is a common problem, it can still be able to cause substantial issues for the system. If the septic tank is not able to effectively drain, it could lead to the drains in the home running slow or even failing to drain at all. In addition to being mindful to only use septic-safe toilet products, individuals will also need to have the unit pumped t regular intervals to prevent clogs from forming. If a clog does form, removing it can be more challenging due to the difficulty of accessing the areas where these clogs are the most likely to form.

Compromised Or Damaged Septic Tank Walls

Many septic tanks will be made of reinforced concrete or steel. While these materials are capable of providing many decades of service, they can be prone to developing substantial cracks in them. These cracks will allow large amounts of water to seep out of the system and into the surrounding soil. This could lead to substantial contamination occurring. In the event that your septic tank suffers a crack in it, there may be options for patching it, which can be far more affordable than replacing the entire tank. However, it will require excavation work being done so that the damaged section of the tank can be accessed.

Failing Pump Or Grinder

Septic tanks may use pumps to expel water and grinding systems to break up solid debris before it enters the tanks. If there is a problem with the pump, the septic tank may not be able to effectively empty its contents. Conversely, problems with the grinder could greatly increase the likelihood of the septic system developing a clog due to large pieces of solid waste. Older septic systems can be especially vulnerable to these problems due to the amount of wear and tear that they have suffered over the years of use. If you have an older septic system on your property, it may be worth having the pump and grinder inspected by a service provider to identify if these issues are developing.

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