Plumbing Problems Homeowners Often Need To Get Repaired

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Plumbing Problems Homeowners Often Need To Get Repaired

1 August 2022
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When your home's plumbing system suffers significant problems, a professional will be needed to oversee the types of repairs that are likely to be required. Otherwise, a homeowner may find that the issues that they are experiencing will not be corrected and may be made worse by their efforts.

Root Intrusions In Primary Plumbing Lines

If a plumbing line becomes obstructed, a person may think that the issue is always due to a large object entering the drain and blocking the pipe. However, it can also be possible for roots to grow into pipes and cause these problems. When a root intrusion is the source of the obstruction, it can be significantly harder to remove than a standard clog. This is because the tree root will have to be cut out of the pipe. Furthermore, the opening that the root created in the pipe should be repaired to stop the root from simply resuming growing into the line.

Unusually Strong Odors From The Home's Drains

An unusually strong odor coming from your drains can be a very unpleasant problem to encounter. These odors can spread throughout the rest of the home, and they can even become overpowering when you are near the drain. Residues in the pipes could be causing these odors as the bacteria growing on them will release foul-smelling gases. However, it is also possible for these odors to be coming from the sewer line. A plumbing repair professional will be able to determine the cause of the odors so that they can be corrected. When this problem is due to residues that are needing to be cleaned, this can be a relatively simple process. However, if the smell is due to gases from the sewer suddenly seeping through the drains, it could indicate a more significant problem with the plumbing system.

Unexplained Increases In Water Usage

Plumbing leaks are a very costly problem to encounter in your home. While many leaks may be somewhat easy to notice and find, there can also be instances where you may suspect that there is a leak in the home's plumbing system, but you may be unable to locate where it is occurring. A plumbing repair service may have equipment that can detect higher levels of moisture. This will make it significantly easier for these services to isolate where the leak is occurring so that it can be repaired. In cases where the leak is behind a wall, this can reduce the size of the section of the wall that will need to be removed to correct the leak. 

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