Myths About The Basics Of Septic Tank Care

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Myths About The Basics Of Septic Tank Care

10 September 2020
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The septic system can be one of the parts of your home that you may have the least experience working with or maintaining. This can make it easy to become uninformed about what is involved with caring for the septic tank and drain field. Learn how to separate the facts from the fiction below.

Myth: Septic Tank Additives Can Completely Break Down The Solid Materials In The Septic Tank

In an effort to keep their septic tank working correctly, many homeowners will use additives to help improve the performance of their septic system. While these additives can greatly increase the ability of the system to break down solid materials, you should avoid falling for the assumption that these additives will completely break down all of the solid materials that enter the tank. This means that you will still need to have the septic tank professionally cleaned every few years regardless of whether you are using these additives.

Myth: Septic Tank Cleaning Will Make The Interior Of The Home Smell

A homeowner may assume that the process of cleaning the septic tanks will lead to an increase in the foul smells inside the home. However, this is typically not a major concern. While the area outside in the immediate vicinity of the septic tank may smell unpleasant during this work, the odors will actually dissipate very quickly. In fact, failing to clean the septic tank can be more likely to lead to uncontrolled odor issues for the home. This is due to the risk of the system becoming extremely backed up or even developing ruptures as a result of large obstructions.  

Myth: Septic Tank Cleanings Will Not Impact The Performance Of Your Home's Plumbing

During the process of having the septic tank cleaned, you will be unable to use any of the home's indoor plumbing as this could lead to water entering the tank while the contractors are attempting to service it. However, once this work has been finished, you may notice that the drains in your home after able to work more smoothly. This is due to the fact that cleaning the septic tank can help to eliminate clogs that have been forming as well as increase the capacity of the septic tank itself. While slowing drains can be an indication that it is time to have the septic tank cleaned, this will not be the most reliable way of knowing when it is time for this maintenance. Rather, you should make sure to track when this work is done so that you will know when the time is approaching for its regular cleaning.

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