Features To Think About When Renting A Portable Restroom For An Event

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Features To Think About When Renting A Portable Restroom For An Event

4 May 2019
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Whether you're hosting a large party or planning an outdoor event, renting portable restrooms is a great idea. There are a number of companies that rent out portable restrooms, but before you can sign a contract,you will need to know exactly what you want. Today's portable restrooms are a lot different than those of the past, and you will have choices ranging from modest to luxury. Determining what features you would like in your portable restroom rental will make the process of narrowing down your choices much easier. Some features to think about when renting a portable restroom include:


You can rent a single portable restroom with one toilet and sink, or you can opt for a much larger portable restroom trailer that is equipped with multiple toilet stalls and several sinks. It is a good idea to consider the number of guests you will have at your party or outdoor event when determining the size of the restroom that you need. It is a good idea to rent a portable restroom that can completely accommodate the needs of your guests without long lines.


Many of the portable restrooms available for rent can be powered with electricity to ensure that they are well lit. This may be a necessity if your event is being held in the evening. You will need to consider your power source if you want a portable restroom that has electrical power. If the portable restroom will be set up new multiple outlets, it can be plugged in to one or more outlets, and that will be enough to power it. However, if you're holding an outdoor event in an area that has no access to electricity, you will need to make arrangements to include a gas generator with your rental.

Climate Control

Clean comfortable restrooms are typically a priority when selecting a portable restroom rental, and for most people, comfort includes climate control. Whether you're hosting an event on a cold winter evening or a hot summer day, it is always nice to have portable restrooms with climate control features. Most higher end portable restroom rentals have a heating and cooling system, so you can control the temperature inside during your event. Just let the portable restroom rental company that you're working with that you would like a rental with climate control, and they will show you your options and outline the rental prices.