Two Basic Options In Rental Toilets For Your Construction Site

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Two Basic Options In Rental Toilets For Your Construction Site

3 March 2018
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If you'll soon start work on a construction project, one thing you'll need to do is arrange for portable toilets for the crew. You have different options for different construction situations and to accommodate crews of various sizes. Here's a look at some portable toilets you can have delivered to your construction site.

Basic Individual Portable Toilets

Basic toilets can be placed anywhere you need them, so they are ideal for providing toilets in several places on your site. The rental company can help you calculate the number of basic toilets you need based on the number of workers you have and the number of shifts you operate each day. Basic toilets don't flush waste, they contain it instead. The toilets will be serviced on a set schedule, but you'll want to ensure you'll have plenty on the site to stay operational between service calls.

Basic toilets provide the necessities. They are small rooms with a toilet, toilet paper, and hand sanitizer if you want it provided. Basic portable toilets don't have water for hand washing, but you can add a hand washing station near a group of toilets if you want to. The basic toilets aren't lit, but the roofs are translucent so plenty of light shines through during the day. If your crew works during the night, you might want toilets that store solar energy during the day to operate lights at night.

These toilets sit firmly on the ground and can be secured with stakes if needed. If you want toilets handy for workers at higher elevations, you can rent basic toilets that have a hook on top so they can be lifted to upper levels of a construction site. They also have wheels so they can be taken to upper levels on an elevator and rolled into position.

Trailer-Mounted Bathrooms

Another option to consider in portable toilet rental is the trailer-mounted bathroom. These are suited for jobs where you have a large crew working because they cut down on the number of individual toilets you'll need on the site. A trailer can be set up in a common area and combined with individual basic toilets on the far reaches of the site to keep toilets in easy reach of the crew so you don't waste productivity on the crew walking to and from a toilet. Toilet trailers come in different holding capacities depending on your needs. The toilets flush in these models and the waste is held in large tanks until the trailer is serviced. These have multiple urinals and toilets as well as running water and lights. You'll need to have the trailer parked near an electrical source and a water source that connects to a garden hose.

Your choice in toilet rentals depends a great deal on the size of your crew and if they will work at night. You don't need to spend a lot of money on upgraded toilets that provide nice amenities when you rent for a construction site since minimal time is spent in the toilet space. Your employees just need the basics and you'll have two good options for supplying what they need.

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