Tips For Surviving Your Septic Tank Cleaning

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Tips For Surviving Your Septic Tank Cleaning

3 February 2018
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Septic tanks, for obvious reasons, do not smell like beds of roses. In fact, it is a wonder that your septic tank cleaning crew can even tolerate the odors. If you remember what your tank cleaning experience was like last time, you might be wondering if there is any way you can survive the smells this time around. Here are a few helpful tips to survive this, and future, septic tank cleanings.

Turn off Your Air Conditioning

If you have central air running full blast, and the air conditioner is close to the septic tank or downwind of it outside, turn it off. The A/C sucks air in from outside, cools it, and sends it inside. When your A/C is downwind of the septic tank, the odors of the open and draining septic tank will get sucked into the A/C and find their way into your home. For the duration of the septic cleaning, turn the air off and close your ventilation system.

Close Your Windows

If you do not have central air conditioning, but you do have open windows, close them. Nothing quite like sewer smells wafts in on the breeze as all that. Once those odors are in your house, they are there to stay until they find their way back out again. Close the windows and doors tightly. Try not to open them too often to keep the smells out.

Crank the Air Fresheners

Plug-in air fresheners are delightful even when you do not actually need them. On the day that your septic system is drained and cleaned, you will need these air fresheners. Pick scents that you love and will not smother you when you have the air fresheners cranked to the max. The scents will flood your home and mask any unpleasant smells trying to get in from the septic system.

When All Else Fails, Pay for the Service in Advance and Leave for the Day

If your nose is particularly sensitive to the septic system odors, and none of the above seems to help, pay your septic contractor in advance. Then leave for the day, either to work or to some quiet and relaxing place that does not smell like a sewer. If you schedule the septic tank cleaning early enough in the day, the odors will dissipate about six to eight hours after the job is complete. Ask your contractor to text you when the job is done, and then you can begin your countdown to breathable air in your home.

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