Three Tips For Knowing When Your Septic System Needs To Be Serviced

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Three Tips For Knowing When Your Septic System Needs To Be Serviced

13 December 2017
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Problems with your home's septic system can lead to potentially hazardous conditions, extensive property damage and major disruptions to life inside the house. While there are many homes that will rely on the use of a septic tank to meet these needs, there are a few situations where you should immediately seek professional help to diagnose and repair the issue.

Slow Drains And Toilets

When a septic system becomes compromised, the drains and toilet may be among the parts of the home that experience problems first. While it may not seem like slow drains will be a serious issue, it could indicate that the septic system is developing clogs that could impede the ability of water to exit through the piping. Repairing this problem will vary as there may be some instances where the clog can be broken up and flushed from the system without needing to excavate and replace sections of the septic system.

Foul Smells

The septic system for your home will be exposed to some remarkably unsanitary conditions. These conditions can lead to the septic tank system have a very foul odor to it. Some people will assume that any home that utilizes a septic system will be bad for the environment and more likely to experience these foul odors. However, these smells should not permeate the interior of the home, and if this is happening, the system may have suffered a serious problem. Often, these odors will be exclusively blamed on a leak, but it is also possible for chemical imbalances in the system to contribute to an explosion of the bacteria in these systems. Luckily, it is fairly simple to correct this problem, but you will need to have the water in the system professionally analyzed to determine the cause of the foul odor developing.  

Water Pooling In The Yard

Your septic system will have to address a fairly large amount of water over the course of a day. When there are problems with the system, large puddles of standing water will likely start to form in the yard. Thee puddles can be unsightly, and they may contain extremely unsanitary water. If you are finding that these puddles are forming on your property, you can hire a professional to determine the source of these leaks. Sadly, repairing this type of leak may require excavation work, and while you may dislike needing to disturb your landscaping, restoring your home's septic system can be worth the cost.

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