Maintaining A Septic System

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Maintaining A Septic System

3 October 2017
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Septic systems are very good systems to take care of any of your sewage needs. They do differ a great deal from being connected to a city sewer system. It is important to maintain your septic system if you do not want major problems. The good news is they are relatively easy to maintain, and the maintenance does not usually take a lot of work, you simply need to be careful with how you are using your septic system. Here are a few different ways that you can keep your septic system running at peak performance at all times.


You want to be sure that there is nothing put down your drains or toilet that is not supposed to be put down. Any type of toilet paper that does not decompose easily is a risk. You may also want to consider the effects of any type of garbage that is flushed down the toilet, or put down the sink. A wrapper or a cigarette butt may be the start to a major clog. Utilizing the garbage disposal is also very dangerous. The garbage disposal puts a lot of different types of bacteria down the drain, and it may not be good for the system.

Drain Cleaner

If you are dealing with a clog resist the urge to reach for a bottle of drain cleaner. The drain cleaners now days are extremely powerful and are made to be extremely basic. The drain cleaner will be one of the worst things to put down the drain. The reason is that it will kill the bacteria that break down the sewage in your tank. If the bacteria are dead then the sewage will sit and rot, and will not break down as fast as it needs. This can cause the entire septic system to become backed up. Instead of using a drain cleaner to get rid of a clog reach for a pipe snake. 

Septic Pumping

Perhaps the most important thing that you can do to maintain your septic system is have your system pumped on a regular basis. You should consider having your septic tank pumped every other year. This allows the septic system to reset, and maintain healthy levels of bacteria. It also gets rid of any potential buildups that are in the septic system. The pumping does not take a very long time and is a good investment to make in your home.

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