3 Signs Your Septic Tank Is Failing

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3 Signs Your Septic Tank Is Failing

3 May 2017
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From mowing the lawn and repairing a leaky faucet to replacing your roof, it is easy to see how owning a home can be overwhelming. Unfortunately, most homeowners do not pay enough attention to their septic systems, even though they are essential for removing waste from the house. Replacing the system can be very costly, as well. If your septic system backs up and fails, you will face high costs to replace the system and restore any damage done to your home and yard. Thankfully, pumping is an affordable way to maintain your septic tank system. If you are experiencing one or more of the following issues, your septic system is in distress and could require maintenance.

Soggy Areas in Yard

One of the most common signs that your septic is failing is an excessively wet area in your yard. This area may be surrounding your septic tank, but you may also notice soggy areas aligning with your underground septic lines.

The soggy areas could also cause your grass to discolor or be excessively green in certain parts. Grass may become greener around your septic area and drain field due to the extra moisture. Or, the grass may become greener due to the chemical reaction between the septic gas and landscape.

Foul Odors

Some odors in and around your home are normal. Food, smoking, pets, and different chemicals can create unappealing odors periodically. However, if you notice foul, sewage-smelling odors in your home or outside in the yard, your septic may be backed up.

Schedule a service to diagnose the source of the odors. In most cases, changing the filter inside your tank or pumping the system will solve the problem.

Interior Drains Backing Up

Again, periodic clogs that cause water to back up in your sink, shower, and tubs are a normal issue many homeowners face. Unfortunately, a septic problem may cause your drains to back up more frequently.

Watch your sink, shower, and tub drains carefully. If water struggles to drain or if the water tends to drain and then regurgitates back up into the sink or tub, your septic tank is most likely full.

Also, check your toilets for draining issues. If you notice frequent clogs in the toilet or if flushing does not permanently remove waste from the toilet, contact a specialist to check your septic system.

Inspecting, diagnosing, and pumping a septic system will be necessary if you notice one of the above signs. With these tips, you will know when to call in the professionals to maintain your septic tank. Contact a company like Pete's Outflow Technicians to learn more.