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Understanding Septic System Problems

After we moved into a home with a septic system, I realized that we had to do something to understand what to expect. We started reading more and more about septic issues, and before we knew it, we had our first problem. Fortunately, because we were prepared, we didn't have to second guess our decision to call a repair person. Now when we have septic system issues, we don't worry as much about it and it is a great feeling. This blog is all about understanding common septic system problems and knowing how to fix them the first time around.


Myths About The Basics Of Septic Tank Care

10 September 2020
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The septic system can be one of the parts of your home that you may have the least experience working with or maintaining. This can make it easy to become uninformed about what is involved with caring for the septic tank and drain field. Learn how to separate the facts from the fiction below. Myth: Septic Tank Additives Can Completely Break Down The Solid Materials In The Septic Tank In an effort to keep their septic tank working correctly, many homeowners will use additives to help improve the performance of their septic system. Read More …

Two Ways to Have Bathroom Options During a Septic Tanks Replacement Appointment

21 July 2020
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If you need to have your septic tank replaced, then you won't be able to use your property's toilet or sink while the septic service provider is replacing your tank. In this situation, these suggestions could be helpful. 1. Rent a restroom trailer  In these circumstances, you might be considering renting a portable toilet. However, it would be much better to rent a restroom trailer instead. While a portable toilet might be fine if you only need to use it once or twice over a single day, using it for several days in a row could be unpleasant since these toilets tend to be cramped, badly-lit, and fitted with only the tiniest of sinks. Read More …