Need Chemical Toilets For Your Event? 4 Tips To Keep In Mind

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Need Chemical Toilets For Your Event? 4 Tips To Keep In Mind

10 May 2021
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Chemical toilets are perfect for outdoor events because they are portable, affordable, and conserve water. However, it is important to know how they work and what is expected of you to ensure your guests are comfortable. Since you want to host a memorable event, you need to arm yourself with the relevant tips to get the most out of the chemical toilet rental service. The following are four tips to keep in mind when planning an event.

1. Rent Enough Units

When renting chemical toilets for events, it is important to get enough to serve all your guests. The septic service provider you work with can help you estimate the correct number of toilets you might need based on the number of expected attendees and the event's duration. Renting fewer units than your guests need can lead to inconveniences. Fortunately, the service providers can supply the ideal number of toilets to take care of your needs.

It is also essential to order enough sanitation facilities from the company. This includes hand washing, sanitizing, and baby-changing stations. Not only will these products improve cleanliness, but they will also protect your guests' health.

2. Organize the Toilets Strategically

If you are hosting a small event, you can put your portable chemical toilets in one location. But if you have a big event, such as a concert or festival, distribute the toilets throughout the field to enhance access. The chemical toilet rental companies are strategic in how you spread them out.

For instance, they can put several units around places with high traffic, such as the entrance or main stage. If you put a few units in high-traffic locations, they will be overused, leading to inconveniences. Locations with less traffic, such as the parking areas, can get away with a few units. The professionals from the company may assist you with the placement if you share more information about the planned event and your expectations.

3. Ensure Someone Keeps Watch

Although chemical toilets are convenient and reliable, it is advisable to have a professional ensure everything runs smoothly. They can inspect the toilet for cleanliness, mop when necessary, and sanitize areas that are touched most, such as the handles.

4. Consider Other Relevant Services

The septic service you work with can offer you additional services, such as professionally cleaning the toilets and refilling hand washing tanks. They may also provide handwashing stations and hand-washing supplies. All these services are essential for a successful event

When planning an event, it is in your best interest to serve the needs of your guests. providing enough chemical toilets goes a long way in ensuring they are comfortable. Work with professionals and keep these tips in mind for a memorable event.