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Shop For A Portable Bathroom Service Truck

30 November 2020
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A portable restroom service truck that contains built-in storage, dual tanks that are necessary to empty, and clean toilets will ensure that each of the rentals you service are ready for public or private use. When shopping for a service truck, consider the size and design that will support your business endeavors.

The Size And Tank Setup

During the servicing of each portable unit, you will require the use of a vacuum and suction hose combo as well as a water dispersement and cleaning hose duo. The size of the wastewater and raw sewage tank should be large enough to complete the emptying of all of the toilets that are part of your service route.

Some storage tanks are capable of holding hundreds of gallons of liquid and solid waste and others may hold a couple thousand. Because the weight that is inside of a waste tank will contribute to the overall weight that your service truck's engine will need to support, request information about the engine size and horsepower output that various truck models possess.

The water dispersement and cleaning hose will attach to the second tank that is built into a service truck. Look for a truck that contains side-by-side tanks, which will allow you to easily switch between collecting waste and sanitizing a unit. Ask questions about the timing for each application that a specific truck model is capable of doing.

Specific Features

A new truck may be furnished with a list of features. As such, this information will help you determine if a model will be sufficient for your business requirements. It is important to notes that an older model that was used previously by another business owner may have some minor imperfections that could hinder how long it takes to complete a task.

Don't rely solely upon the appearance of the vehicle prior to choosing a truck model. The appearance of the truck is important, but the performance level of the truck should be treated as a priority. If you need to swap out portable restrooms on a frequent basis, you will benefit from a truck design that contains a storage area where portable units can be lined up.

Consider the dimensions of the units you service to determine how many portable restrooms can fit inside of a built-in storage area. A service truck may feature a loading and unloading platform, which will allow you to use a cart to move restrooms into or out of the truck. Contact a company, such as PortaLogix, for more information.