Three Myths Concerning Portable Toilet Rentals

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Three Myths Concerning Portable Toilet Rentals

23 November 2017
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When individuals find that they are needing to rent a portable toilet, they may find that much of their understanding about these devices is based on a series of myths. Without correcting these myths, you will be unable to make informed choices when you are needing to rent one of these devices.

Myth: Portable Toilet Rentals Are Only For Large Events

There is a particularly common notion that portable toilet rentals are only suitable for use at large gatherings where a traditional restroom would not be practical. However, these toilets can have a number of uses. For example, it is common for homeowners that are having major plumbing work done to utilize these devices until the work on their home's toilets is complete. Additionally, it is common for these toilets to be used on work sites that are located far from a conventional restroom.

Myth: All Portable Toilet Rental Units Are Primitive And Unpleasant To Use

Another frequently held assumption about these devices is that they will be extremely primitive and unpleasant. While there are portable toilets that are designed to be as bare as possible, this is not the only option. In fact, it is possible to rent high-end luxury portable toilets. These devices will essentially be a minim-bathroom that is complete with a working sink, spacious interior and other amenities, such as televisions and air conditioning. These portable toilets will be somewhat larger than more basic models, which may be a factor that you need to consider when choosing a location to put these toilets.

Myth: It Will Be Extremely Difficult To Have The Portable Toilet Emptied

Depending on the length of time that you will have the portable toilet rental, its storage tank may become full. When this occurs, it will be necessary to empty it. Otherwise, it may be unable to function or be more likely to experience a significant backup. Sadly, there are some individuals that will frequently think that having one of these devices emptied will be extremely difficult or inconvenient. In reality, it is a fairly simple process. The supplier of the portable toilet will dispatch workers to either swap out the storage tank of the system or use special tools to remove the waste from the tank. The frequency of this maintenance will vary based on the size of the storage tank and the amount of use that it experiences. To help individuals know when this work is needing to be done, there is often a gauge on it.

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