3 Things You Should Know About Your Septic System

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After we moved into a home with a septic system, I realized that we had to do something to understand what to expect. We started reading more and more about septic issues, and before we knew it, we had our first problem. Fortunately, because we were prepared, we didn't have to second guess our decision to call a repair person. Now when we have septic system issues, we don't worry as much about it and it is a great feeling. This blog is all about understanding common septic system problems and knowing how to fix them the first time around.


3 Things You Should Know About Your Septic System

12 May 2017
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Does your current home have a septic tank? Do you know how to care for your entire septic system? Although you may know that the septic tank needs to be pumped out on a regular basis, you may not be aware that there is more to a working septic tank than that alone. Although a septic system isn't overly complicated, there are still a few things that you should remember. These things include:

Be careful what you flush: Toilet paper is obviously fine for use with a septic system, but a lot of things that may seem okay actually are not. So-called flushable wipes are made of a material that doesn't break down and that will clog up your septic tank, forcing you to call a local septic services company like CARE SEPTICS to have the entire system pumped out so that it can start working once again. Another thing that can be bad is grease or oil from a deep fat fryer. While a little oil or grease such as when washing a greasy plate is just fine, too much oil at once can again result in a clog as the oil can congeal to block the pipes and/or prevent the helpful septic tank bacteria from being able to process waste.

Add a septic tank treatment regularly: A lot of things can throw off the bacterial balance in your septic tank. This can include doing too much laundry at once, taking antibiotics, using antibacterial soap, or even just extremely hot or cold weather. Without the proper balance of bacteria in your septic tank, your septic system will be unable to properly process waste. Instead of being years between calls to your septic services company, you may have to have it emptied every few months. However, there are a variety of septic tank treatments out there that will restore the bacterial balance and keep your tank functioning properly. Your septic company should be able to either sell you one or recommend which one you should purchase from the store.

Don't forget about it: A properly functioning septic tank can be easy to forget. But this doesn't mean that you don't need to keep a watch for signs that something may be amiss. If your drains are suddenly sluggish or odoriferous, there may be an issue. There may also be an issue if the ground around your septic tank is suddenly greener or wetter, or if there is a smell of sewage in the air. Should you notice any of these things, call your local septic services company immediately for an inspection. Delaying could cause damage to the system, resulting in a costly remedy instead of a simple pumping.